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40 Hour Hazardous Materials Technican,                                                       24 Hour Hazardous Materials Technican,                                                        8 Hour Emergency Response Refresher

These Emergency Response courses are designed to provide those personnel who are, or will be operating as members of a hazardous materials response team with the basic skills required to safely evaluate and mitigate an incident involving the release or spill of hazardous materials.

The objectives of these courses are to instruct the participants in:

• Methods and procedures for evaluation and control of a hazardous materials     incident.

• Guidelines and principles for protecting the health and safety of all response personnel on the scene.

• The fundamentals of response team organization and operations.

• The proper use of personal protective equipment and direct read instrumentation.

• Confinement and containment techniques.

• The proper use of decontamination equipment and procedures.

• The proper use of the Incident Command System and termination procedures.

By completing this course, the participants will acquire the skills and knowledge required to safely evaluate and control an incident, perform incident response operations, select and use personal protective equipment, and perform response techniques and procedures.

4 Hour Hazardous Materials Awareness,                                                         8 Hour Hazardous Materials Operations