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Founded in 1992, Initial Response Institute (IRI) has developed and delivered site specific coursework across the United States. Based in the Great Pacifric Northwest, IRI is not restricted just to that geographic area. With mobile services that are delivered on your site IRI truly brings its professional services to you.

1. The Administrative Offices are located in Salem, Oregon

2. Site Specific Services - IRI staff will deliver all coursework to meet your site specific needs. IRI utilizes the appropriate regulations as the framework then adds site specific procedures, policies and requests to make the coursework truly meet your needs.

3. Mobile Services - IRI brings its services to your site. Equipment, props, reference books and instructional manuals are delivered at your site. All you need to provide is a room for the course to be delivered in.


All Initial Response Institute courses are developed to meet compliance with current OSHA regulations, NFPA and EPA standards, as well as ANSI educational standards. The courses are developed to include site specific requirements. Any coursework requiring "hands-on" activities are developed to include Task Performance Testing.


The Student Manuals - developed after thorough review of the specific regulations and standards. Each manual is developed by David D. Bargabos, Director of Education then reviewed by an advisory board. The manuals are developed to meet with the current ANSI Z-490.1-2009.

The Task Performance - developed to allow the instructor to assign a written grade to the "hands-on" activities for each specific course.

The Certificate of Competency - developed to provide all the OSHA and ANSI reguired information such as:

Student's Name, Instructor's Name, Date and Location of the course, Course duration, Course outline, Scores of Quizzes and Final Exam, and score of the Task Performance Testing


Hazardous Materials -  Specialist, Technician, Operations, Awareness, Specialist Employee, Incident Command, Waste Site Operations, Waste Site Supervisor

Other Compliance Courses - Fall Protection, Rappeling, Scaffold Safety, Lockout/Tagout, Respiratory Protection, Confined Sapce Entry, Confined Space Rescue, First Aid CPR AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Brigade, Fire Extinguisher


Technical Services include: Consultation, Response Plan Development, Procedure/Policy Development, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Analysis, Emergency Preparedness, Program Development, Drill/Scenario Development, Documentation.